Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Recap: WonderCon 2015

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WonderCon 2015 is over and I had a blast!  The title of this post could also be "OMG My Feet Hurt!".  If you have never been to a Con the first thing you realize is that your feet will hurt because you walk and walk and then walk some more.  A friend of mine clocked his steps and on Saturday he walked 9 miles.  9 Miles!  I was with him for most of the day so no wonder my feet hurt. It is a good pain though. That was just walking around outside and on the Exhibitor floor.  Con is just like when you go to Target.  Everything want to look at is on opposite ends of the store. 

@llyzabeth and I arrived around 1:30pm on Friday.  There were already tons of people there.  After collecting our badges and our WonderCon 2015 Quick Guide we headed to the Exhibitor floor. I was there 30 minutes and saw about 25 things I wanted to buy so I had to make a note of those things and decide which ones I really, really wanted to purchase.  

We woke up way too early for a Saturday and started getting our costumes on.  Fun stuff! We got to the convention center and the temperature outside was already hot.  Thank God I had a dress on.  
The morning started off great with @llyzabeth doing an awesome interview for pixelatedgeek.com.  I would tell you who it was with but then I would have to kill you. Just joking.  I will add the link to the interview when it is up. The Exhibitor floor called our name again and I ran across artist, Dan Cooney, who had painted my very favorite Lady Detective, Miss Phryne Fisher.  I squeeeeeeeed all over the place.  I bought an original and a print from him.  I am beyond excited.  Click here for his website and links to all his social media.  This guy is amazing.  We even talked Miss Fisher fan fic.  Here I am with my purchases. 

Here are some more pictures from around the floor and outside in the Convention Center Courtyard. 
Lego Justice League

Bat Doggie

Awesome Dalek built by a super cute nerdy guy.  It was remote controlled and had a sound system!


Best parents ever. Ever!


My hairy friend


Star Lord

Sherlock and Moriarty

Food Trucks!

We also went to the Warner Bros presentation in the ARENA.  They showed the preview for the new Mad Max movie.  It's gonna be badass.  They also showed the trailer for San Andreas.  The movie about "The Big One" that us California residents have been hoping never happens.  I love a good action movie and this one looks like it will definitely deliver that! And The Rock is in it using his muscles.  I mean, you can't go wrong. 

Saturday at 6:30pm we went to my favorite panel of all time. The Science in Science Fiction. Two guys that are funny as hell talking about cool science stuff that at one time we seriously thought would never happen. Kyle Kurpinski and Terry Johnson are the sexy as hell duo that make science fun. They wrote 'How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution' and it is wonderful. Humor and science. All I need to do is ride a unicorn and I am good for life. Click here for a link to their book. They incorporated movie clips and MRI scans that made folks walk away from the panel and say, "Holy crap that was funny. Wait, did I just learn stuff too?". Yes you did! They signed my copy of their book and I waited to drool until after they couldn't see me. Self-control.....I have it. Sometimes.

More fun times on the floor and interviews. Interview link to come. We attended the DreamWorks Animation Television panel. They have teamed up with Netflix and have made some absolutely stunning animated series. Eric Bauza was the moderator and he voices several characters in a few of the animated series. He is funny as hell. The showed clips from All Hail King Julian, Turbo Fast, DinoTrux and Puss in Boots. I can't wait to binge watch them all. Debuting in June is their new series 'Dragons: Race to the Edge'. It takes place after How to Train your Dragon but before How to Train your Dragon 2. Hold your hats because it is going to take you on a great ride. I had goosebumps watching the never before seen trailer. It was awesome! We got a cool print on the new villain in the series. He is a villain and a dragon, so of course I think he is wonderful.

After a full day we packed up the car and went to Tiffy's with friends. Great food, old friends and new ones. Who could ask for anything better?

Bye, Bye WonderCon! See you next year!

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